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I’m Katarína Lupsinová, Katy or Kybrows : ) 

I’m an International PMU Master, Coach, Speaker and Judge. 

I live with my family in Bratislava, the capital city of Slovakia, in beautiful country of Central Europe. 

I am passioned to all PMU techniques. where the hairstrokes is my favorite. 

It gives my clients charming and most realistic look.

 I do love to share my experience I’ve gained in the world of PMU where im active from 2018.

 The hard work, interest and knowledge i consider as the strong foundation In my life, i follow the motto „i don’t work, i create“.

 I create and meditate during the procedure. 

My biggest motivation is my students‘s progress and happy faces of my clients.


Owner of Kybrows Studio & Academy

Winner of several International Competitions in 2019-2020

Prime Speaker & Judge, Semifinal WULOP EX CZECHO SLOVAKIA 2021

Prime Speaker, Beautiful Minds International Congress, 26 feb 2022

Prime Speaker, WULOP Congress EX CZECHO SLOVAKIA, jun 2022

Prime Speaker, WULOP VIETNAM, aug 2022

Prime Speaker, CZECH PMU CONGRESS, aug2022

Prime Speaker, SLOVAK PMU CONGRESS, sept 2022


Judge, SLOVAK PMU CONGRESS, sept 2022


Prime Speaker, MICRO PARIS, may 2023

Prime Speaker & Judge, PMU DIAMOND CONGRESS HUNGARY, may 2023


TOPIC NAME Katarína Lupsinová 

TYPE OF NEEDLES 35/4FLPT 0,35 mm 30/1RLLT 0,30 mm 7 or 9 magnum Favourite brands: Kwadron, Vertix, Hanafy 

MACHINE Xion S & Xion mini, Eccentric 2,5 & 3 

TYPE OF PIGMENT No specific favourite brand. Variation is the key. Used types: oil based, water based organic, mineral and hybrid, depending on the skin. 

PIGMENT BRAND Elaton Mix, Hanafy, Shine, Perma Blend MACHINE SPEED High speed, minimum 6 on critical 

USED TECHNIQUE Charm Brows Hairstrokes Technique (created by Kybrows)

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