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Founder & Master Educador – Lic. Heydy Garcia
Lic. Facial Specialist in the state of  Florida, United States
Lash Artist specialist for more than 12 years, Eyelash Instructor for more than 9 years,
Creator of her own artistic method Masterlite and allergy recognition system A.R.A.S.
Internationally certified by New Awake USA, VA Academy Argentina, Kona Institute Mexico, Master Trainer by Villa Menzi Germany, Lash artist by SheLash Academy Iran, International Lash A. Argentina, ALPA Member Argentina, Phi Lashes
Winner “Best Lash Educator” – 2022 Germany
Winner “Top Lash Trainer” – 2022 Ukraine
Winner “Artist of the year” – 2022 Mexico
Winner “Best Lash Judge” – 2021 United States
Winner “Best Lash Competition” – 2020 United States
Winner “AEPEP Best Lash Competition” – 2021 Spain
Winner “Best Lash Media” – 2021 United States
Winner “Classic Lashes” – 2021 Argentina
Winner “Volume Lashes” – 2020 United States
Winner “Strip Lash Art” – 2020 Mexico
Winner “SDP Mega Volume” – 2020 Chile
Finalist “HBA Entrepreneur of the year”- 2022 United States
Finalist “HBA Best Business Branding” – 2022 United States
Finalist “HBA Lash Stylist of the year” – 2022 United States
Finalist “Royal Lash Educator” – 2023 Puerto Rico
Nominated “GBA Best Educator” – 2022 Mexico
Nominated “GBA Best Academy” – 2022 Mexico
Developer of more than 100 International Trainers & Speakers in Master Lashing.`

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