Faizrakhmanova Valentina pour la catégorie Cil à Cil


💥The owner of a beauty salon with the top masters of the city

💥Practicing master teacher with 11 years of experience

💥The owner of the on-line school LASH_ACADEMY, has trained more than 15,000 students

💥Has mastered more than 20 advanced training in 11 years

💥Judge and speaker of international conferences and championships

•January 7, 2021 speaker lash_marafon2021

•February 27, 2021 speaker of the PROLASH UNIVERSITY marathon in Lithuania

•May 16, 2021 speaker of LASH UNIVERSITY “arrow effect”

•May 29, 2021 speaker of the PROLASH UNIVERSITY 2 marathon in Lithuania

•August 3, 2021 speaker of the BEAUTY PARTY ONLINE marathon

•January 22, 2022 Judge of the METU BLAKSTIENU MEISTARS 2022 Championship in Lithuania

•February 14, 2022 Judge of the Eyelash Extension Championship in Brazil

•On July 28, 2022, the Judge of the international N/A championship in Moscow

•On September 19, 2022, Judge and Speaker of the International LASH_TRANSFORMATION Championship

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