Oprea Anamaria
PhiBrows Master
Phibrows Master since 2017.

Message to my students: success only comes with hard work, many hours, many years, many failures…it`s never easy, that is why it`s so special.

Professional development:

Until 2013 – economist

2013- Long Time Liner training

2015- Phibrows Workshop training

2016- Phibrows Artista and Royal title

2017- Phibrows Perfection training/Phibrows Masterclass/Phibrows Master title

Award winner of the best Phibrows artist in the world 2017

2018- Phibrows Perfection training Master title /Phibrows Masterclass

2019- Winner of the Spanish microblading championship of the highest category/ Bold Brows Perfection training master title
2020 -Powderbrows workshop and perfection training master title and Latin brows perfection training master title
2021 – Grandmaster of honor title
Number 1 Phibrows master worldwide in PHIACADEMY
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